Your Visit

1What does "pay what you want" mean?

At the end of each visit, I ask you, "how much would you like to pay for this session?" The amount you tell me is the amount that goes on your invoice.

2Can you please provide a recommended rate?

$240 for the initial visit and $180 for follow-up visits allows me to cover my clinic costs, account for the time outside the visit spent on research and compilation of individualized treatment plans, and allows me to continue to provide the accessible pricing for those who need it.

Most initial visits require a few hours of additional work to avoid premature closure on your diagnosis, to ensure the recommendations you are getting are current based on the literature, and for sourcing products that are cost-effective, decrease pill burden, and do not interact with your existing medications.

If you are interested in how much is covered by your insurance provider, please contact them prior to the visit and ask about the maximums for initial and follow up naturopathic visits.

3Is the clinic wheelchair accessible?
No, it is not. But I am providing home visits for patients who require an in-person assessment or treatment.
4What do I bring to a visit?
Please bring
  • Lab work, imaging, physicians' reports
  • Supplements and medications you are taking (or pictures of the bottles)
  • Pictures of skin or other issues to show progression
  • Insurance card (if you have one)
And please have a snack before coming, if you are coming in for acupuncture.
5Is there parking available?

Yes! Please park in the driveway.

Please do NOT park on the side of the road, since it is a no parking zone and you may get a ticket.

6What does a typical visit look like?

We start with you describing your chief complaint, then I ask clarifying questions about your symptoms, health history and lifestyle.

If anything requires a physical exam, we do that.

We decide on any further testing that needs to be ordered or performed on the spot.

We decide on treatments that you would like to try, and start something on the first visit.

I do further research after our visit to see if we should consider any other tests or treatments, and email you what I find.

7Who can I bring with me?
Feel free to bring family, friends, and service animals. Depending on the nature of the conversation or treatment, we might have family wait in the waiting area for a bit, especially for older children and teenagers.
8What methods of payment do you accept?

Pretty much anything - e-transfer to, direct billing to insurance, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, cash, cheque, food, a word of gratitude.

9For which insurance companies to you offer direct billing?

Cowan, Johnson, Johnston, Manion, Manulife and Standard Life.

For other companies, you will have to pay up front and claim after the visit.

10Do you provide home visits?
I provide home visits to patients who use wheelchairs and those with mobility issues because the clinic is NOT wheelchair accessible.
11How do I get to the native plant garden?
If you follow the driveway to the left of the clinic you will arrive at the garden. There, you will find benches and grass paths that you can explore.

Is naturopathic care for you?

1What conditions do you help manage?

Pretty much anything that isn't an emergency and doesn't require surgery or IV.

Everyday complaints that haven't been addressed, such as acne, rashes, digestive complaints, cold sores, urinary tract infections, irritable bladder, incontinence, allergies, thyroid issues, blood pressure and circulation issues, arthritis, aches and pains, memory and concentration issues, sexual health concerns, anxiety and depression, hair loss, premature greying and menopause.

I have also stocked up on all the hard to find herbs for Lyme disease!

I provide supportive care for asthma and cancer to add to the treatment given by your MD.

I also love to support people who are in the process of becoming mothers - before, during and after.

2What services will you have available in the future?

In 2023, I plan to start offering B12 injections and bioidentical hormones.

3Do you dispense cannabis in your dispensary?
No, cannabis is not in the scope of naturopathic doctors at this time. Please see your medical doctor for medicinal cannabis.
4What are limits to confidentiality?
I am obligated to disclose information when:
  • presented with a subpoena
  • a patient has the intention to harm themselves or others
  • I diagnose a communicable disease on public health's list
  • being inspected by insurance
  • I suspect child abuse


1Do you take walk-ins?

Not at this time.

2How do I cancel my appointment?

Open the email that you received when you booked the appointment. At the bottom of the email, click the yellow-orange "Sign In" button. Under Appointments, select the appointment you would like to cancel. Press the red button "Cancel Appointment". Fill in the reason field, press "Next". Press the green button "Yes, cancel my appointment".

Or just text or call me at 647 990 3079 and I will handle it for you.

Clear as mud?

Come see the clinic for yourself!

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